Drawing More Blanks

2014-05-17 00:53:01 by CrowleyCrow

I've been doodling up a fanart for Trigun...

Aside from that, I've got nothing...

So... To see how sick and twisted my fan's are...

I'd like you guys to give me something to do this weekend. I'll draw the request I find most interesting, so go insane, you beautiful bastards.

I love you and hope to see some fucked up stuff typed across the comment section.

Hasta Luego.


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2014-05-17 03:56:36

A man or creature being hung up with hooks through his eye sockets. His arms are also chained maybe. Meanwhile, some other people or creatures are cutting him and eating meat from him alive.

Maybe that's something for you? :3

CrowleyCrow responds:

Wasn't thinking along the lines of monsters... as I've been doing a few request of that nature traditionally...
More along the lane of sexy or fetish.
Dunka, though.