A weird idea...

2014-06-07 13:38:06 by CrowleyCrow

Ok... So I know brain transplants are a thing, but I've never done any real research on it. I don't think it's been perfected yet, but it's very possible it will one day be possible as heart and other organ transplants are very possible.

I don't know why I thought of this, but if it could be possible it would save allot of lives. 

Say for instance, a woman gets a disease that cripples her body, but her mind is still alright. Now, take into the equation another woman who goes braindead with the exception of the part of the brain that keeps the body alive. Now, think. If the woman with the perfectly good brain, were to be transported into the braindead woman's body. Don't you think that would be interesting.

A new body, with complete control over it.... fucks with your mind a little...


Just a random thought.

Seems like a cool basis for a story, don't ya think?

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2014-06-07 13:50:43

Mmh, I guess I've already heard a story like this but I'm not sure... anyway, brain transplantation are still more "sci-fi" than reality (the whole tissue badly degenerate after few minutes without blood oxigen and you'll have several issues with reconnecting the nerves) but if you play a bit with theories (staminals and grow hormons) and you develop a good psicological evolution of that woman it could be a good story.