If Given The Chance...

2014-08-30 16:51:51 by CrowleyCrow

Who would be your dream girl/boy?


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2014-08-30 16:58:22

Someone with a feminine form... Doesn't matter what gender they are.
Someone who isn't batshit crazy, or they are and they know how to control it.
Someone who would be willing to tell me when to get off of my lazy ass and do some work, but would still be okay with taking care of me.
Someone who would be okay with letting me have their body and they having mine.
Someone who is probably too perfect to exist...
but I'll draw them anyways...


2014-08-30 18:21:46

Awwww hun, that's so beautiful! I'm sure you'll find somebody. Someone who loves you for you and who would never change you for the world :) Those people are worth the wait.